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Our Curriculum

a preschool classroom at Norwood Cooperative Nursery School, Norwood, MA

All of our programs give children a warm, supportive environment in a comfortable setting outside the home. All four primary areas of development are incorporated into the curriculum, including the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child. Activities are carefully planned to offer children a wealth of resources and challenges. NCNS provides a hands-on child-centered curriculum that facilitates individual growth and promotes curiosity, creativity, and conviction. Our school year is marked by a number of thematic units that facilitate emergent curriculum. This type of curriculum is responsive to children’s interests and needs. Teachers select and arrange materials and activities that encourage active exploration to capture a child’s natural curiosity.

Our Daily Schedule:

Open Choice Time: Blocks, dramatic play, large muscle activity, board games, open art, easel painting, water table, sensory experiences, workbench

Group Meeting: Time to discuss and “wonder”, story, music, Treasure Key, Traveling Pet, mystery picture

Handwashing and Snack

Small Groups: Art project and small manipulatives, puzzles, science activities

Outside Play

“The importance of play to young children’s healthy development and learning has been documented beyond question by research . . .Young children work hard at play. They invent scenes and stories, solve problems, and negotiate their way through social roadblocks. They know what they want to do and work diligently to do it. Because their motivation comes from within, they learn the powerful lesson of pursuing their own ideas to a successful conclusion.”
—A report from the Alliance for Childhood by Edward Miller and Joan Almon

NCNS supplements the Nursery School classroom schedule with a diverse enrichment program. Outside specialists come in to educate or perform for the children, and in some cases, their families.

Please see our Programs page for a sampling of the fine enrichment programs we offer each year!

The Cooperative Advantage

Discover the advantages of a cooperative nursery school - NCNS, Norwood MA.

A cooperative preschool extends a sense of family. You and your child quickly become part of an extended network of teachers, other parents, classmates and their siblings. Enthusiastic parent support is one of the school’s most valuable resources. Parents gain a fresh perspective on their preschoolers as they share in the learning process. Children, in turn, gain a wider exposure to a variety of people as their world expands.

Adult to child ratio is 1:4 in our Three-Year-Old program and 1:6 in our Four-Year-Old program.

For the Parents:

  • See child in relation to peers.
  • Gain an understanding of how children learn.
  • Puts them in touch with other parents.
  • Develops a sense of ownership in the school.
  • Helps them enjoy a close relationship with their child’s teachers.

For the Child:

  • Eases the transition from home to school.
  • Helps him/her to make social connections easily.
  • Develops a sense of security in the process of bonding with others.

For the Teacher:

  • Knows each child as an individual and as part of a family.
  • Establishes rapport quickly with parent.
  • Shares observations on an ongoing basis with the parent.

Above all, we are a parent cooperative school, where parents are not only welcome, but are intimately involved in and out of the classroom. The cooperative nature of the school bridges the gap between home and school, and gives parents a greater understanding of their child’s experience in nursery school. Children enjoy the community of parents and look forward to their special parent help days. Parents contribute their own enthusiasm to the school and get to know other families through their work together.

Parent responsibilities include optional parent help days in the classroom as well as taking on a family job, either serving on the Board of Directors or on a supporting committee. Each year we have a diverse group of families, with varying schedules and other commitments. We work with each family to find the right tasks, committee position, or board position that will fit well with the other commitments in a family’s life. The involvement of our families is a large part of what makes NCNS so special.

Outdoor Play at NCNS Nursery School, Norwood Massachusetts An NCNS fieldtrip to the beach Learning through play in preschool is what Norwood Cooperative Nursery School is all about! Preschool programs for the Boston suburb area of Norwood NCNS is located in Norwood, MA serving the surrounding Boston area suburbs of Norwood, Westwood, East Walpole and more! Boston area preschool programs at NCNS in Norwood MA offered for 2-4 year olds!