Norwood Cooperative Nursery School
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For Parents

Note From The Director ...

Welcome to NCNS!

We are a parent cooperative school, where parents are not only welcome, but are intimately involved in and out of the classroom! Schedule and appointment to visit and learn more about our programs!

Please call the school at 781-769-3376 or contact the director.

Norwood Cooperative Nursery School - a nuturing preschool in Norwood Massachusetts

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Additional Info for Parents


Below highlights a number of NCNS policies. The complete handbook is available from the school office or by downloading a PDF copy linked below.

NCNS Mission Statement

To provide the education for our children through an established cooperative community of
teaching professionals and parents who are committed to administrating, maintaining and
funding all aspects of the school. We value each child as an individual and each child is our
primary focus and obligation. As members of this cooperative community we strive to ensure
the well-being and optimal development of each preschool student.

When you are the parent helper…

We believe that you will find parent helping to be fun and exciting as well as a special experience to
share with your child. Please fee free to ask the teachers for explanation or assistance, and, by all
means, let us share and enjoy the special talents that you bring. Children are wonderfully receptive, and will be happy to include you in a game or activity that they are planning. Just be ready to take your cues from them! (see handbook for more)


With the growing consciousness of peanut-allergy in the general population, NCNS has made a decision
to be peanut-free. Please check labels for peanut and peanut-butter ingredients in the snack items you
choose. (see handbook for more)

Snow Policy

The Norwood Cooperative Nursery School will be closed when the Norwood public schools are closed,
or at the discretion of the Board of Directors in conjunction with the NCNS Director. If the Norwood
public schools have an hour delay for elementary school classes, NCNS will do the same. For delays of
more than one hour, NCNS will cancel all morning classes.

If school is canceled for any reason, classes will not be made up unless the Board takes special action
requiring makeup of classes.

View the complete NCNS Parent Handbook (PDF)

Wish List

Welcome to our wish list! The following are items we can always use throughout the school year. If you have any you would like to donate, please bring it by during school hours.

Wood for Workbench

We are looking for some wood for the children to use at our workbench. It needs to be soft wood like pine, and small pieces are preferable for little hands.

Old VCR / DVD Players

… not in working order, so that the children can take them apart.


For craft projects, please no meat trays.

Supply Items

Baby food jars with lids
Tissues, spoons, disinfecting wipes


For the lending library

Play Items

Doll clothes
Clothes for dress up
Jewlery for dress up

If anyone has a small child’s wagon they are no longer using we are in need of one.

We are also looking for a tape cassette recorder to be used with some games we own

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that you are a co-op?

A cooperative, means that it is completely administered, maintained and funded by the parents of the enrolled children. Parents work as aides in the classroom, help maintain the facility, raise money and serve on committees.

How much classroom participation is required?

Typically parents will participate

* 5 times a year in the 3 year 2 day class * 7 times a year in the 3 year 3 day class * 9 times a year in the 4 year class.

However, we realize that some parents are not always able to commit to the above schedule so we ask that you come in at least twice a year so your child will have the opportunity to share their school experience with you. We will work around your schedule.

Can grandparents or other relatives "parent help"?

Yes grandparents and other relatives are always welcome to come in and help as long as a CORI form is on file in the office.

What does parent help consist of?

Parents often ask do I have to plan a lesson when I parent help. The answer is no the teachers do all the planning of the curriculum and setting up the classroom for the days activities. All we ask is join your child and their friends in an activitie such as reading a book, playing a game, or one of the other various projects that have been planned for the day. There may be some clean up after an activity that the teachers will ask your assistance with. We want this to be a positive experience for you and your child. It is always a favorite day for the children when their parents come to school.

Doesmy child have to be toilet trained?

Children do not have to be toilet trained to attend Norwood Cooperative Nursery School. We realize that becoming toilet trained is a major milestone in a child’s development and all children will reach this point when they are ready. The teachers will help your child in their toileting needs in a stress free manner.

Where are you located?

We are located at 24 Berwick Street Norwood in the basement of the Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

View the complete NCNS Parent Handbook (PDF)